Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield? (2010) #1


How did Marvel resist putting Obama on the cover of this issue?

It’s actually–besides the awful Luke Ross art, which is just terrible–a good issue of Captain America. Bucky and the Black Widow do their thing, Steve does his (showing up at the White House looking like an Ed McGuinness drawing).

There’s a nice fight scene with the two Captain Americas, the Black Widow and Mister Hyde. There’s some good dialogue between Bucky and the New Avengers and Steve and Sharon (she hasn’t apologized for shooting him I notice)–plus, Steve Rogers has sex. How’s do you like that one, Disney shareholders? Nookie, nookie.

But it’s all just a prelude to Siege, which seems lame. Is Steve going to become Nomad again? That one might be funny. Or U.S. Agent. I always liked that costume.

Or is there going to be a whole other big event summer 2012?

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  1. This one was a nice breath of fresh air after the bombast of Reborn. They really should just make Guice the artist here, as I keep finding too many of Luke Ross’ visual references as I read it. He’s one up on the current photo shop hacks, actually swiping from other comic books with gleeful abandon, rather than interior design or porn mags. Brubes is best when he’s just delivering Cap in this old school, plot driven Steve Englehart manner, not sweating the details, but making sure the important elements are covered on the way to the finish line.

  2. Oh, lest I forget- Robert Kirkman had Steve making love to a LMD not long before Brubes took over. Ick! Took a while to get that out of my mind…

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