Danny Burns and Ashley Burns star in LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR, directed by Elizabeth Ditty.

Love in an Elevator (2010, Elizabeth Ditty)

Apparently, two things make a silent film. Editing and music. In the case of Love in an Elevator, director Ditty has them both down. The short—with the exaggerated physical performances—feels like a silent. The opening does not immediately give that impression. The opening sequence could just be stylistic, but once the janitor shows up and there’s no sound of the vacuum, the style’s clear.

The short’s about two single, busy professionals who get locked in the elevator for the night. The timing of those events is perfect (introductions, dinner, boredom, sleep). Ditty’s composition is good and the editing is mostly great. The only problem is the dialogue. There’s too much of it visible. It needed a few seconds cut out as it started to encourage lipreading.

It’s an endearing, pleasant short. I think I’d have preferred it tinted instead of in color; that one might be personal preference.



Written, produced and directed by Elizabeth Ditty.

Starring Danny Burns and Ashley Burns.


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