B.P.R.D.: 1947 (2009) #5


Ok, so the whole thing was all about the Professor paying more attention to Hellboy? I mean, obviously, it can’t have been, what with little Hellboy only appearing in four of the five issues… oh, wait.

The final issue features an utterly useless battle between a priest and the two vampires who messed up the Professor’s agent. Except the vampires were, near as I could tell from them being staked to the wall, dead as of last issue. But now they’re not vampires, they’re demons.

Why are they demons? So the priest can imply the Professor should kill little Hellboy and the Professor can instead show him love (instead of ignoring him).

It’s a disastrous series.

Didn’t anyone sit down and read the scripts and, after being done reading in three minutes, think they should do something else? Work on them some more perhaps?

There’s nothing here but wasted time.