Spider-Woman (1978) #1


Wow, does Wolfman like to write exposition. I mean, he just loves it. It really made this issue incredibly boring. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I had no idea–until a few pages into it–the issue is taking place in London. I’m also not sure if Jessica Drew is English or not. I mean, does she have an accent? Wolfman likes doing European settings, but his dialogue never sounds like it’d be right if said with an accent.

Infantino’s art was a little disappointing. It’s competent and all (DeZuniga’s inks practically make it look like someone else), but there’s a decided lack of enthusiasm.

Wolfman’s approach to the character, with her missing memories and her anti-social behavior (her neighbors are afraid of her? That’s just lame), is under-cooked. He sets up all these contradictions for her and bypasses resolving them like he doesn’t know the answers.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Whatever it’s faults, this verson of Spiderwoman HAS to be better than it’s current incarnation. Also, Infantino had recently been thrown out at DC as their editor in chief over newcomer Jeanette Kahn. Even though I felt Kahn a better fit for an invigorated DC, it was still sad to see Carmine have to to Marvel and start over, doing pencils for books that few gave a shit about. He was already past his prime, and it really showed here, another reason I felt bad for him. I was about 17 at the time.

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