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Aliens (2009) #2

Aliens2009 2

Thought balloons. Arcudi uses thought balloons. I haven’t seen a thought balloon in a new comic in so long, I thought it was some kind of stylizing error (the character also talks to himself so it’s possible).

Um. Otherwise. Huh.

Aliens is a competent book. Arcudi doesn’t do a bad job, but it’s all in the approach. He’s hiding stuff from the reader (the protagonist is a newly android who kills–they aren’t supposed to harm any living thing, right?–and falls in love–with a murdered crew mate). The android also seems to know about previous encounters with the alien. I don’t know Dark Horse Aliens continuity so I’m kind of lost–except I think I’m supposed to be lost.

Presumably, all will be revealed, but Arcudi’s halfway through the book now and he’s basically established the protagonist and had him go for a walk. Not exactly high drama.

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