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Batman: Unseen (2009) #5


Moench leaves his Batman subplot unresolved. He still is getting less and less frightening to criminals. Soon he’ll be on cereal boxes and underwear. This inevitably is another thing Moench could have concentrated on, but did not. I like Moench and I like his writing, but the way he leaves this issue, like he’s going to turn around and continue the subplot… Unseen‘s a problematic limited series. It’s written like a (lengthy) story arc in an ongoing series. It raises expectations then lets them dangle in the wind.

Some fun elements, however, include Batman fighting in his cowl and nothing else, dangling in the wind himself, though no one ever draws attention to it. Of course, Moench’s Batman has apparently never heard of infrared goggles–the solution to “seeing” the invisible man is lame and complicated, when infrared (which Batman has, right?) would have solved the whole problem.

But decent.

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