Deadpool Team-Up (1998) #1


People read this crap? Deadpool‘s the stupidest comic book character I’ve ever read and this might be one of the worst comics I’ve ever read. A gaggle of drunken rhesus monkeys would write a better comic book. Seriously, Marvel prints this crap–and people who want to be taken seriously still work for them?

But let’s skip the narrative content here and instead concentrate on the artwork. The artwork is absolutely atrocious. It looks like a less talented Scott McDaniel, which is a stretch. It’s Pete Woods; it’s beautiful, wonderful, I love him, Pete Woods. And he’s awful. He does the cartoon-influenced McDaniel crap without the enthusiasm (like that sly complement, enthusiasm doesn’t suggest any actual skill or talent) McDaniel infuses in his crap.

I’m trying to think of a comic book I’ve disliked more. I mean, I’ve probably read worse ones, but not by much.

What incredible garbage.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Well, now look at what you think when Pete Woods or Walden Wong are mentioned. I guess everybody pays their dues on the road to the top. Deadpool still sells ok to this day, and I am still amazed at the attraction. I mean, the jpke hasn’t changed for over ten years now. Sheesh!

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