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The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #268


This issue reveals Ronnie is not, as it turns out, in bed with the Kingpin. He just contracts him on special assignments. If Marvel had any real nads, they could do Kingpin owning Blackwater. But whatever.

Ron Frenz draws a good Spider-Man comic. Not sure what I think of him overall, but this issue had a lot of good, iconic Spider-Man action without feeling like Frenz was going for homage. It just felt right. And his facial expressions are fantastic.

While DeFalco does everything he can to make Spider-Man a non-character in his own title (it feel like the Kingpin gets more page time), it’s all very competently executed. DeFalco’s writing about the event, with Spider-Man being a participant, not protagonist, but whatever, it’s a fine comic book.

It never occurred to me eighties Spider-Man might be worth a look; this one suggests it.

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