The Last Days of Animal Man (2009) #1

Last days of animal man 01

Old time hockey. Sorry, Slapshot reference. Animal Man isn’t exactly old time comic books (Conway’s peak was the early-to-mid-eighties, so not exactly old time), but it’s close. It’s a solid DC Comics limited series, something I always used to rely on. Under the Didio administration, they’ve failed for the most part, at least as far as superheroes are concerned.

I’ve never been much of an Animal Man reader–the costume, I think, put me off–and when Morrison was doing his thing, I was probably into Image or something crappy, so I don’t know where Conway’s characterization fits. But whatever he’s doing, it’s neat. It’s a personable Dark Knight Returns, with aging being the enemy more than anything else.

Batista’s art is really clean and fits the storytelling well.

It is clear, unfortunately, with his return to comic writing, Conway has learned how to do decompressed storytelling.

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