The Unknown (2009) #1

Unknown 1

This one’s an almost impossible sell to me. It’s Waid doing “The Mentalist,” only with a female main character and an impossible degree of success. Imagine if Sherlock Holmes were so famous and so successful (and so globetrotting) he didn’t have to do the disguise thing.

It’s kind of cute, but in a fake way. There’s no chemistry between the two leads–Holmes, sorry, Christine Allingham is a little less human than a Terminator without human skin and her sidekick, Doyle, is apparently being drawn so they can cast the Rock in the movie version.

The art’s pretty lame–Oosterveer veers between cheesecake and cartoon. The whole thing reminds me of The Maze Agency mixed with Mister X, but without any of either series’ charm. Allingham solves the mysteries in an obnoxious manner–wait, it’s more like she’s Batman, but without a secret identity.

Waid’s “crime” comics are always disappointing.

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