Lee Garbett

Harbinger 8 (January 2013)

What a downer. Dysart opens with Harada mentally torturing a Harbinger he’s already exiled to a desert. Harada might be the comic’s biggest problem–he’s such an evil bastard, he’s not interesting. One could make the greater good argument, but there’s not enough material for it. Just sound-bytes. Then, when Dysart gets to the renegades–Kris gets […]


Harbinger 7 (December 2012)

Barry Kitson on pencils makes for a better looking Harbinger overall, though inkers Lee Garbett and Khari Evans could’ve picked up the slack more when Kitson gets bored. He’s always got a rushed, unfinished feel to his faces in particular. This issue features the renegades trying to recruit more Harbingers. Dysart splits the story between […]