Eddy Barrows

Bloodhound 9 (May 2005)

Eddy Barrows takes over the pencils. Kirk’s absence is definitely Bloodhound’s loss. About the only thing Barrows does right is show Clev as a giant. Otherwise, he’s mediocre. Except maybe his panel composition; it’s weak. He does manage to do the small town stuff pretty well though. He doesn’t ruin that aspect, let’s say. The […]


Nightwing 3 (January 2012)

Almost there… almost there. Higgins’s Nightwing writing is improving by leaps and bounds. Though the soft cliffhanger is weak and there’s a big irregularity in the timeline (Dick’s parents were alive “five years ago,” meaning Batman’s been through three Robins in four years in the new DC universe?), it’s a decent issue. Barrows and new […]