Diana Greenhalgh

The Illegitimates 2 (January 2014)

I tried, I really did try. But Sharpe’s lame, generic buff figures are just too much. He’s got no style, no finesse. The script is full of James Bond winks and Sharpe can’t bring personality to stereotypes much less settings. But it’s not all Sharpe’s fault. Andreyko and Killam do a fine job with all […]


The Illegitimates 1 (December 2013)

I thought The Illegitimates was from Image. It’s from IDW. Now the art makes sense. Kevin Sharpe and Diana Greenhalgh are slick without being fully competent. Okay, on to the rest. I’m looking forward to the next issue, but I don’t know why. The comic opens somewhat weakly, a retread of James Bond standards (except […]