Hello, and welcome, to the Stop Button “About” page. I’m Andrew Wickliffe and I’ve been blogging here so long the site can get a driving permit. I write about movies, comics, and television. On rare occasion, I write longer pieces in hopes of driving traffic to the older pieces. I’ve always wanted Stop Button to have a long tail.

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I don’t have any favorite posts to recommend, but here’s a sampling of my more distinct film takes.

Helen Mirren and James Spader star in CRITICAL CARE, directed by Sidney Lumet for Live Entertainment.

Critical Care (1997, Sidney Lumet)

Critical Care opens on its main set–sets are important in Critical Care–with Helen Mirren (as a nurse) checking up on ICU patients. The ICU is a circle, Mirren rounding it by the end of the titles, returning to the station at the center, where James Spader (as a resident) naps during a thirty-six hour shift. […]

Bright Victory (1951, Mark Robson)

Mark Robson made some great films. I first saw Bright Victory before I knew who he was (I think Victory was probably my first Robson, actually). I saw it on AMC in 1997 probably. Julie Adams is in it and maybe I had AMC flagged for Julie Adams movies somehow. I can’t remember if they […]

Elizabeth Berridge stars in THE FUNHOUSE, directed by Tobe Hooper for Universal Pictures

The Funhouse (1981, Tobe Hooper)

The Funhouse is terrifying. Director Hooper opens the film with a dual homage to Halloween and Psycho and then proceeds to do something entirely different in the end of this film. Like those two films, he takes a while to get to the violent acts. He does, however, announce he’s going to terrify the audience […]

Wesley Snipes and Nastassja Kinski star in ONE NIGHT STAND, directed by Mike Figgis for New Line Cinema.

One Night Stand (1997, Mike Figgis)

One Night Stand is such an emotionally exhausting film, one of the few moments of relief comes when Wesley Snipes, Ming-Na (as his wife), Nastassja Kinski (she and Snipes had a one night affair) and Kyle MacLachlan (as Kinski’s husband) go out to dinner together. It’s awkward in a far more comfortable way than the […]

Shawn Hatosy, Laura Harris, Josh Hartnett, Jordana Brewster, Clea DuVall and Elijah Wood star in THE FACULTY, directed by Robert Rodriguez for Dimension Films.

The Faculty (1998, Robert Rodriguez)

Robert Rodriguez gives his actors a lot of time in The Faculty. The supporting cast–mostly the titular faculty of a high school (albeit one suffering an alien invasion)–gets to be showy. The film opens with a great showcase for Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Patrick and Piper Laurie. The main cast of kids trying not to be […]

Josh Hartnett stars in AUGUST, directed by Austin Chick for First Look Studios.

August (2008, Austin Chick)

August clocks in, with end credits, at eighty-four minutes. I didn’t know the running time going in, so I wasn’t thinking about it. I would have guessed, just based on the perceptive passage, around two hours. My wife, not being a fan, probably would say three and a half. Doing a good movie in ninety […]

Purple Violets (2007, Edward Burns)

I’ve been avoiding seeing Purple Violets for almost four years–I thought it was going to be one of Burns’s lesser works. So, obviously, it shouldn’t be a surprise it’s his best film (it’s also his best film as a director). I’m having some trouble trying to figure out how to start talking about it. It’s […]

Interrupted Melody (1955, Curtis Bernhardt)

Interrupted Melody is an interesting example of economic storytelling. The film covers about ten years, has a number of strong character relationships, but moves gently through all of it. It’s got moments where there isn’t any dialogue, just the look between characters, it’s got a great love story–and, even better, a great struggling marriage. Director […]


  1. nuwansenfilmsen

    Interesting!!! So, it took you 11 years to figure out how to write about the Friday the 13th series. I’ve only seen the 1st in the series (and that was looooooong ago); that was more than enough for me. Ha!!
    No shame, in having personal film selecting process; don’t we all??
    Nice to have come across your Blog!!