Since starting this site, The Stop Button, in late 2004, Andrew Wickliffe has written about approximately 2,500 films. Films discussed range from alternate cuts of recent blockbusters to World War I-era Italian short films to the 21st century South Korean film industry; there are responses to every Japanese Godzilla movie and almost every Eleanor Parker movie. The site frequently participates in blogathons in attempt to keep the films discussed even more eclectic, more random.

Films discussed are selected for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are for blogathons, sometimes they are screeners, sometimes they have been recently released to home video; the single commonality is the expectation the films will provide good fodder for discussion.

In other words, even though I knew they’d be crap, I waited eleven years to write about the Friday the 13th series because it took me eleven years to figure out how to write about it.

In addition to writing about films on the site, I have done a variety of podcasts over the years, most notably “An Alan Smithee Podcast,” which I cohosted with Matthew Hurwitz (now of Danger Burger). “The Best of An Alan Smithee Podcast” is available here and on iTunes. I have also done a handful of commentary tracks published as the “Stop Button Favorites” podcast (here and iTunes).

I also have made a variety of “supercuts,” ranging from reimagining Batman: The Movie as a Tati film to turning Friday the 13th IV into a New Wave short. In French. They’re available to watch here.

My critical philosophy is a mix of William Faulkner’s writing philosophy and Alan Moore’s reading philosophy.

If you’re new to reading The Stop Button, there are a bunch of places to start reading. First is this link to the best films I’ve ever written about. Or this link, which takes you to the “Sum Ups;” they survey various film topics by actor, director, series, or something. Or there are a variety of indices to browse–year, director, title, actor, series. There’s also just the randomly recommended widget on the right. All of those movies are good, many of the posts probably are good too. I need to do a new Bringing Out the Dead one of these days.

The Stop Button is a non-profit site and a hobby in the most Carlin sense of the word; my film selecting process is an archaic, so technical it’s shameful, personal one. It often involves Movielens, a film recommendation engine I highly recommend. And I do welcome suggestions, of course.

So, to suggest a film, submit a screener, or just to get in touch, I’ve attached a contact form below. You can also follow me on Twitter here.



  1. nuwansenfilmsen

    Interesting!!! So, it took you 11 years to figure out how to write about the Friday the 13th series. I’ve only seen the 1st in the series (and that was looooooong ago); that was more than enough for me. Ha!!
    No shame, in having personal film selecting process; don’t we all??
    Nice to have come across your Blog!!

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