The Stop Button is where I write about films. All kinds of films. Good ones, bad ones, ones I just like. Not so many ones I hate. I tru avoid ones I’ll hate. I try to write about Godzilla once a month–Godzilla and Eleanor Parker and a movie from 1988. Those three things are my goals for The Stop Button. Plus the top recommendation from Movielens (the classic Movielens). And then a movie someone recommended to me. It’s only been my site goal for about a month and a half so it’s too soon to say how it’s going to go.

I write about comic books at Comics Fondle. I also podcast about them with Vernon Wiley (we don’t have a dedicated site for the podcast, but we hang out at Vernon’s shop’s Facebook here). I try to do a monthly solo audio commentary podcast. I used to do the Alan Smithee Podcast with Matthew Hurwitz (check out his Sissy Laffs site).

If you’re new to reading The Stop Button, I’d recommend these posts to get you started.

I tweet here.

If you want to get in touch, here’s a contact form.

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