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Resident Alien (2021) s02e12 – The Alien Within

“Resident Alien” takes a big turn this episode. No spoilers, but it will make some casting interesting down the line. I also don’t know if it’s original to the show or from the comic book; I never made it “this far” into the comic, though I got pretty far, so it’d be towards the end of the series.

And there are only four more episodes left, so it would appear the initial “Resident Alien” arc is wrapping up. They’re renewed for a third season, but they didn’t have it when they plotted out this season. Or maybe even filmed it.

In other words, we’re in an endgame.

There are some context-free hints throughout the episode, preparing for the big finale reveal. They’re hints at something else, teases of something else. The big switcheroo at the end changes everything about the show for everyone, characters and viewers alike. It’s a big swing, one they can hopefully pull off.

It also comes after a hilarious Alan Tudyk and Sara Tomko scene where he’s trying to explain his personal texting abbreviations to her, which gives a wonderful glimpse at their virtual friendship.

The episode’s got a “hometown” theme for everyone but Tudyk as mayor Levi Fiehler unveils his proposed resort to the citizenry. There’s not much enthusiasm, particularly from Tomko and Alice Wetterlund, who heckle him during the presentation. It takes until the end of the episode to figure out why, when Tomko and Wetterlund organize a Halloween girl’s night out for the regular and regular guest-starring female cast.

It’s a nice character development subplot.

Tudyk spends the episode trying to find the alien baby, teaming up with nemesis Gracelyn Awad Rinke for a hilarious buddy action subplot. Rinke’s smarter than Tudyk in all the crucial ways; she knows it too and frequently reminds him of his failings.

Meanwhile, Judah Prehn actually finds the missing alien baby. He has to reason with it while parents Fiehler and Meredith Garretson try to convince everyone their Sonny and Cher couples’ costumes are cool.

Then “[People] in Black” Alex Barima and Linda Hamilton are up to no good. It’s a well-balanced, packed episode with lots of subplot and main plot development, with some character stuff filtered in.

For example, Corey Reynolds is not in the main plot, but he’s got at least three great scenes in the episode, two of which have character work. One of them is just hilarious.

It’s an outstanding episode, especially given the massive twist.

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  1. Vernon W

    Yes Indeed, looks like there’s an end to Resident Alien comin.
    While still packed with plots, this ep kept up a balance between the cast and Harry’s bigger concerns. They’ve got to pull this off, otherwise all the human interest stuff becomes really small compared to the projected finish. You bet I’ll be there, four eps and counting. snif.

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