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A Walk Through Hell (2018) #6


Either writer Garth Ennis or editor Mike Marts doesn’t know corpses don’t grow hair.

At least Ennis ought to know corpses don’t grow hair.

Google’s free, people. I’ll bet it’s even on Bing.

The issue opens with McGregor noticing he’s got facial hair, which would’ve taken a few weeks to grow, meaning they’re still alive somehow. Only Shaw hasn’t had her period, so time’s not passing; corpses just grow hair. I suppose they could be going for Shaw being wrong, not knowing some very basic “old wives’ tale” human anatomy stuff you’d hope an FBI agent would know. But McGregor doesn’t know anything about it either.

Anyway, it’s not really their issue; it’s their boss’s issue. Their boss, Driscoll, gets to the warehouse two hours after they went in. Still no sign; the cops aren’t willing to go in. So she goes in on her own and starts having a weird text exchange with one of the other FBI agents. It’s middling at best and nowhere near creepy enough to maintain its own subplot. Especially since it’s not part of the cliffhanger.

The cliffhanger ties into a story Driscoll tells McGregor and Shaw about a Nazi she once knew, who told her an anecdote about Notre Dame during World War II. The scene–Driscoll framing the story for McGregor and Shaw, the Nazi in the flashback–is one of the better ones in the series. It’s simple and peculiar but sincerely presented. Here’s this information, it’ll be relevant, who knows how.

The rest of the issue’s bridging. Shaw and McGregor, mildly angry bantering, walking through the Hell warehouse towards a light. It’s tedious.

Gorman Sudžuka’s still got his thin lines, which aren’t as noticeable this issue. They don’t slow the comic down like before; they’re the new, unfortunate normal. But he does an all-right job overall.

The cliffhanger suggests something’s finally going to start happening, but six issues is a way too long lead-up.

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  1. Vernon W

    Not only is it tedious, since it’s from Aftershock it may be $5 a comic as well. Not exactly a fair deal.

    1. I think it’s $4, which is a huge rip for a 12 issue series 🤪

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