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Selected Declarations 22.02.15

I’m thinking about headspace today. I rushed to write the last three posts for “Wayward Pines: Season One” so they’d be cleared out if we started “Season Two” tonight. We did. More on it soon, but it’s a marked, bewildering improvement. Though the lead acting is also better. And evil Wesley Crusher’s good.

In addition to “Wayward Pines,” I’m keeping up with a handful of new shows, one catalog show (“Free Spirit,” for my just launched new podcast, bringing the active number up to three), the New Love comic, the Empire of the Summer Moon book; I don’t think anything else. I mean, obviously something like Ginseng Roots. I just opened the latest issue’s box (including the charming storage box), but I’ve got no plans to read it anytime soon. I mean, maybe next week. But I’m also running into my 2022 movie watch list being a little more ambitious than I’d have liked it to be. Though it’s also only February, I want to get through it so I can, I don’t know, do something else.

I picked way too many long movies.

I’ve also got these Selected Declaration posts, which are—wait, did I forget something else I’m keeping current on. Something super obvious? Okay, no, I don’t think so.

Other than the exercise, which is daily and often rather time-consuming. At-home workouts when working from home are great and all, but when you exercise for forty-five minutes, it’s always rushed. I’ve meant to split my workouts, pre-work, then lunch, but it hasn’t happened yet. Or it’s happened but only once, and my memory’s hazy.

I’m way too media consumption goal-oriented in 2022. It’s distressing to have so many projects but for time to still drag along. We’ve got snow right now, intermittently; snow and anti-maskers. Swell combination. What a time to eat healthily.

I think I hate first-person writing because of how often I use the word “I” while writing them. Five lines, all starting with “I.” Hate it.

Is SD going to become something I’m loathed to write while still managing to forget it every week? Another missed chance to ass it to the calendar. Instead, it’s about remembering to do a mental dump; it’d help if the dumping helped, but blogging is a hobby, not a wellness activity. It’s entertaining and enjoyable, just not soothing.

Though I have just been falling behind on the book. I’m keeping on target with New Love (got to love how Jaime needs two reads and Beto needs three), and nothing else has an actual deadline.

These big blogging projects usually fizzle out eventually, sometimes for terrible reasons. Not hyperbolically terrible, actually terrible. I wanted to keep 2022 looser. It’s still loose, but the movie list is just way too daunting. Who has the time to watch Branagh’s Hamlet?

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