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Selected Declarations 22.01.31

I just turned back on WordPress’s publicize posts feature for Twitter, which I turned off when I started working on all the catalog posts for podcasts and blog collections. That project took about a month. I intended to do it gradually but steadily, five posts a day, but I started doing them in bulk as I fell behind.

And I didn’t want oodles of “old” posts going live on Twitter. Especially since I’m not tweeting a lot lately. The timeline would just be this episode of that podcast, then that episode of this podcast, ad nauseam. With the same art for most of the posts.

Then if I posted the eBook posts in bulk, it’d look like desperate self-promotion.

The eBook collections themselves may be desperate self-promotion. I tell myself they’re part of the hobby. And they have made money. Hopefully never enough money I have to report it, but it’d be nice to cover expenses. Because WordAds don’t cut it. Or they do every three or four years. Or more. I don’t want to check how long I was accruing the check I finally got a month ago.

The other night, I had occasion to tell someone (IRL) about the blog, and when I explained it was “just a hobby,” I had this odd twinge of aughts shame. Have blogs caught on with MFA students, or didn’t it ever happen? MFA, AWP, etc., are mutually exclusive from blogging because blogging’s not about writing; it’s about creating content. Also, there’s something inherently egotistical about blogging, whereas there are probably millions of worth reading MFA short stories stored in boxes, on floppy disks, forgotten Dropbox folders, Notes apps, and so on. Hundreds of thousands.

Fifty thousand. I’m comfortable saying there are fifty thousand worth reading short stories out there in the world not being read. But this post will be read. Might not be finished, but it will be read.

Just had the wonderful moment realizing I’ve got more in common with Stephen King re: digital fronting than I’m comfortable with. Though I did once say, my Leo only came out online.

If I’m remembering astrological babble I didn’t just impolitely ignore, which basically was the first thirty-six years. Though there’s a lot less of it lately. Recycled generalities can’t really predict a mundane but profound social apocalypse. Mundane, with the asterisk, it’s only mundane from a particular level of privilege. It’s actually a super-duper low one if you’re just white and cis. Like. Disney+ basically turned us into the WALL-E people.


Twitter crossposting is back on. So now I can self-promote better. Get those… eleven hits a month?

Maybe I won’t turn it back on. Good grief.

Or maybe I should just do the passive posting and retweeting thing.

I think I’m going to work on setting that system back up.

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