Selected Declarations 22.01.25

I don't know how well I can touch type on this iPad keyboard. Not particularly well based on the number of red squigglies. I forgot to write a Selected Declarations earlier, and now I'm getting the word count in before going to bed, up much later than I ought to be but also… I mean, I can count a nap as meditating and feel good about that classification.

Missing a Selected Declarations post is intentionally low stress. Just make sure to do it later. The goal is the total for the year. I don't want too many rules for it, too many constraints, too many reasons to give up on it. Though I'm still not sure what first-person journaling is supposed to be doing for my writing. It's just a kind of writing I don't do anymore.

Not sure if there's anything more to get from it, but I guess I'll find out.

In other words, I'm still underwhelmed. Of all my blogging projects for 2022, this one is the least, and I'm including making new posts for old podcast episodes, which I already had from when the episodes were released; I just thought I should clean them out. So now I'm recreating. I find that project more amusing at this point. I'll also acknowledge I'm middle-of-the-night spite-writing to get in a word count.

I'm not sure there's an enthusiastic way to free write on that subject.

I did have a topic idea. One with a couple points even.

Maybe there's space left for it. I finished reading Louisa May Alcott's Little Women the other day. I bought a copy in late 2019 or early 2020. I've meant to get back reading, but it's been a pain. Another 2022 reject off to a finer start than Selected Declarations.

I was going to read Little Women before I started writing the unmentionable book project. Not for any specific reason, just something to get the writer synapses firing. Alas, the book did not get written, and Little Women remained unread.

Until this month.

And it turns out it was just what I would've wanted. Alcott's got excellent summary and transition devices. Totally could've aped those in drafting until I cracked them. And reading did almost immediately get me thinking bout writing. After two days of reading, I was taking notes on a writing project.

Haven't made many notes about it since, but the initial interest is the big thing.

I haven't had it for years.

So, if I had written the book, Little Women would've been perfect. Though I'd have wanted to do the imperfect conclusion better than clotting did in Part Two of the novel.

I started reading a paperback and finished with an ebook. With focus mode turned on and no distractions, the ebook on the phone was better reading.

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