Selected Declarations 22.01.15

It doesn’t feel right to do a Stop Button Martin Luther King Jr. Day post, so the week’s Selected Declaration will be early. I don’t not have a relevant post; I just don’t have the confidence in it. I’d have to draft, consider, read, reread. I’d take it seriously. And it’s too late for The Stop Button to be serious writing. There was a point where I was going to add cats somehow. Maybe not for a long moment, but it was a to-do item. Less about the site getting cat-hits and more about those darn cats contributing.

It’s been a way too productive day, involving milk paint and… well, okay, I did sleep until almost noon, but I got some dishes done too. I also figured out a combination of long-term to-do structure and text management system in Craft. I was listening to the “Connected” podcast (so it’s bold for blogs, blog column titles, and applications, then quotation marks for podcasts).

I don’t do a Stop Button style guide because there’s so little consistency over the years. There’s no consistency other than italics for film titles and probably bold for comics. Worse, I think there are blog posts where I make remarks deciding on style choices and very much have not. So a consistent style guide is too much. It’s also obnoxious. It would be obnoxious to make one and not in a funny way.

I’m excited about this new system. It’s a stovetop analogy, four burners, then simmer, where active material goes. It’s a living document, as it were. Yuck.

But having it organized in documents and subdocuments means widgets and shortcuts on all the devices. And maybe even keyboard shortcuts. It’s very weird using a good computer during the workday after years of being stuck on a Dell. Gets me way too interested in productivity. Especially since my goal with Craft is to have the perfect bullet journal without having actual paper or digital skeuomorphism. I don’t have the fine motor to doodle up a paper bullet journal; I want the rush of completion and accessible writing space… Experience over interface.

Of course, I’ve only been using this new system for three hours, and most of my daily Craft usage is the calendar.

I’m still taking it as an accomplishment for a lazy Saturday. It’s been a while since I’ve had a free Saturday off. Usually, there’s a reason I’m taking it off, task or travel. So just a Saturday off? Albeit one in the middle of a pandemic where I don’t want to go get the paint additive I need because I’m profiling antique malls as anti-mask and so have to delay parts of my home office project until a new kind of paint arrives in the mail. But a Saturday off.

It also might just be neighborhood kids playing.

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