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Legends of Tomorrow (2016) s06e01 – Ground Control to Sara Lance

Last season ended with aliens abducting Caity Lotz after they’d resolved the season plot line; this season premiere has Jes Macallan and Dominic Purcell trying to piece together what happened the next morning. It requires them tracking down the various members of the team, who are also somewhat missing. It provides a nice introduction subplot, reminding of the various developments, like Tala Ashe and Matt Ryan having a romance while Nick Zano mourns the loss of his version of Ashe (from two seasons ago). They’re in 1977 England, so Zano’s pouring his heart out to David Bowie (Thomas Nicholson in an adequate one scene) and it turns out Nicholson knows where Lotz has gone.

Into space.

So while the team on Earth is trying to figure out how to track her down, Lotz is breaking free of her cell on the space ship and teaming up with Spartacus (Shawn Roberts) to figure out what’s going on. The solution’s going to involve a very big reveal with some potentially ret-conning details.

There’s some solid humorous action for Lotz—she and Roberts have differing opinions on when and why to confront the aliens—while back on Earth, everyone’s pulling together various ideas in order to track her down. There’s a very matter of fact magic and sci-fi crossover, with Ryan having to do a kind of seance with alien abductee (then returnee) Lisseth Chavez, who seems like she might be joining the regular cast.

The episode’s got a fairly strong pace, with Ryan, Ashe, and Olivia Swann getting the bigger character subplots—outside Macallan, who’s simultaneously worried about girlfriend Lotz being interstellar and having to manage the team to get her back. Zano, Purcell, and Shayan Sobhian are all support. Though Purcell and Sobhian break off to look for Chavez, who’ll end up running their arc.

The end cliffhanger sets up the season, giving everyone some new problems whether they know it or not; there’s also a very big, very cute Die Hard homage in the script (James Eagan and Mark Bruner get the writing credit this episode).

It’s “Legends.” The show’s got a solid foundation to launch from at this point, especially when there’s nothing particularly concerning. Well, giant character reveals, but at least it provides a good team-up. There’s nothing concerning in the episode, nothing worrisome. It seems like they’ve still got a good handle on the show.

(Well, okay, hopefully Zano gets something to do because he seems real bored already).

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