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Mann’s World (2021) #2

Mannsworld 2

The art takes a dive this issue.

There’s a lot less detail, but there’s also a lot of action and Niko Walker’s action art is very awkward. There’s a splash page with like four entirely different major problems. Worse, Snakebike Cortez’s coloring is pretty bad here. He’s still showing a lot of the perspective, but the coloring techniques he does with it is… well, I suppose calling it rushed would be the most polite.

The art is very rushed this issue.

Anyway, there’s still a rather solid script from Victor Gischler. The issue opens with our Deliverance boys—they’re on Jurassic Planet but have pissed off the redneck locals instead of velociraptors to the point I was actually waiting for Gischler to try to get away with a Deliverance reference because it seemed so apt.

He doesn’t. No pop culture references; any proper noun dropping is to build the ground situation and maybe do a little character development (I finally realized the guy with a mustache has a name—Max—but I thought the Ned Beatty guy was Max so I’m confused again). It’s very responsible, every deliberate plotting.

The story covers the boys getting out of their crashed tourist barge and walking through the jungle in hopes of finding the aid stations, which the Burt Reynolds guy reminds were introduced last issue because Gischler’s very good at plotting. Only there’s a rainstorm—which might delay the rescue party, as we get asides back at the resort with the upset managers—and then there’s the additional problem of the rednecks finding our heroes.

Will Burt Reynolds prove to be as tough on the ground as on the holo-tube or whatever? Will there be some big shockers, including one Walker entirely whiffs? Yes to the latter, no comment on the former.

It’s too bad about the art but Gischler’s scripting is still keeping Mann’s World going.

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