The regular posting thing is intentional and will continue

Despite learning multiple times over the last eleven or so months I don’t like soft launches, I’ve been doing a bit of a soft launch on The Stop Button for the past few weeks. I don’t even remember how long… actually, it’s almost a month.

Basically it’s two related posts a day, though the daily posting is more about having the posts to post and not a real schedule. The idea is any time there’s a post, there’s something else to read with it. Why? I do like doing multiple posts a day because I like making the header images (hashtag real talk); plus there’s all that potential WordPress WordAds revenue. Someday it’ll be successful. Someday.


Last summer, during which we watched “Schitt’s,” Doctors Who Eleven through Thirteen, obviously the first part of the second part of “Sabrina,” “Cursed,” “Kim’s Convenience,” and no doubt a handful of other series… I wrote no posts because I was working on a book.

There are surprisingly fewer things to say about the book which is no longer a project than I thought there’d be if it went this way but… 2020 did manage to temper expectations. Though all good 2020 news was really good news.

So while I’d slowed Stop Button then, you know, stopped it… I’d never really given any thought to restarting it. There were x amount of posts in the queue, but whatever 2020 blogging goals I’d had got chucked with ‘rona and then the book. I’m sure I wanted to read more comics. I’ve been wanting to read more comics since 2012. It never happens.

When I got writing again—after telling a friend how easily griping about whatever I’d read or seen and him telling me “it’s what you do,” I decided I’d try to maximize my time on blogging, which in this case means more comics, more movies, more posts. And tackle some of the tougher titles. Ones I’ve been avoiding. And, you know, Swamp Thing, because always Swamp Thing.

The missing coverage on television or streaming will not be filled in.

The blog itself has a snappy new theme and a bunch of broken image links—did I ever write about the Linode debacle—and fixing up the site will be a slow process. The photo filter software on the M1 Mac is running under Rosetta 2 and it’s not a joy to work with so I’m waiting to be able to enjoy the work. Plus it’s just a lot of work and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve futzed with ancient posts no one reads anymore.

Self-induced misery ought to be necessary and justifiable. Otherwise flush it or stomp it down the drain.

Speaking of, I’m really hoping “Superstore” has a good finale. It’s a bummer because the season’s really solid (really good handling of Covid) and Colton Dunn’s scripts have been delightful but… just give me the Carol and Doug.

They can do better, but a Carol and Doug will suffice.

Anyway. The regular posting thing is intentional and will continue.

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