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You Call This A Glitch?

So, while I haven’t posted in two and a half months, I have been writing a post about once a week and letting them sit in the Ulysses inbox, waiting for when I have some time. I did not, as it turns out, have some time this weekend to move back to from self-hosting, but something is corrupting the database over at the Linode I’ve been running the site on for… a year? Longer? I’m bewildered how I had so much headspace to spend on blogging, given how much of it is now taken up with the book—which is going well, see below—and, you know, the now obviously empirically justified dread of reality.

Long story short, I had to move everything back over to and I have no idea what’s broken. There are broken image links, there are probably broken indexes. The Linode database was failing on a steady, relentless rate, so I’m not even sure what state it’s currently in and I don’t actually have time to investigate. Things just need to work right now and just makes things work. Especially once you give them money.

Speaking of money, we’re launching fundraising for the Eleanor Parker biography soon—imminently might be the right word—and I’ll post relevant links here.

I am planning on, if not regularly posting, at least getting the queue cleaned out next week as I make some technology changes. I may also start blogging about those technology changes. I haven’t decided. It’s going to depend on time. I could just post pictures of the stacks of lovely hardcover comics omnibuses and Blu-ray discs I was preparing for free time post-book and then realized… once the book’s done, I may never want to read or watch anything again. I may want to play sports. Who knows. Like, what did Dave do in the room all those years.

And with a 2001 deep cut in, I’ll be out.

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