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Upload (2020) s01e04 – The Sex Suit

Watching “Upload” do sexy is… uncomfortable. And not just because Allegra Edwards is loathsome and the episode frequently promises she’ll not be around then keeps bringing her back around. She and lead Robbie Amell are in therapy now. They still haven’t had sex because Edwards thinks the suit is gross.

So at some point between last episode and this episode, they had that talk. Maybe it was cut for time. I doubt it but maybe.

Anyway, the big sexy moment in the episode is when Andy Allo has to assist Edwards and Amell when they’re getting jiggy. Turns out part of customer service means giving the Upload digital people… digital arousal assistance.

Do Allo and Amell really have a moment or is she just playing him or is it just part of her job… Eh. Allo and Amell are so obviously destined for romantic collision, even if the show just denies that development it’s still just playing a trope so it’s hard to get particularly invested in any of the episodic roadblocks.

So even though the episode’s often better than usual—script by Aasia LaShay Bullock—there’s no way to get really invested in Amell and Edwards’s therapy exercises or Amell telling Allo he doesn’t really love Edwards anymore and he wishes she wouldn’t have sex with him and on and on. It’s just runtime fodder. “Upload” is full of it.

There are some decent jokes and less Kevin Bigley, which is good, and more Josh Banday (as the night shift assistant), which is also good. Though Banday’s just there. He’s got nothing to do. Banday meanwhile gets material and is mediocre at it. I liked Bigley in the pilot episode too… he’s just pointless. “Upload” can’t even pretend its supporting cast and subplots are actually important, not even when they figure into murder plots.

The show’s a great example of streaming’s very low bar to clear acceptable.

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