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Upload (2020) s01e03 – The Funeral

This episode opens with a Rupert “Tilford” (cough, cough, Murdoch)—played by Creed from “The Office”—paying to get his Upload mind put into a clone body. And he dies. More than any episode so far, this episode of “Upload” felt a little like they were trying for Robocop humor.

It’s better than Robocop 3 at least.

But we also find out Robbie Amell and Allegra Edwards were counting on that process—called, obviously, Download—to get Amell resurrected.

Someone should really work out how “Upload,” “Westworld,” and “Devs” exist in the same universe.

So the Rupert stuff comes up again later on in the episode, which is set at Amell’s funeral, where we find out he doesn’t have the friends he thought he had but his college girlfriends all come out to see him because he was the only MIT bro with any play.

The girlfriends aren’t there for Amell, rather his virtual assistant, Andy Allo. Well, wait, she’s his actual assistant, just for his virtual life. She goes to his funeral because she’s started to crush on him. And gets to see fiancée Edwards threaten to delete Amell from existence because she owns his account after all.

We get to check in with some of Amell’s family, but not really. The funeral scene is about Edwards being terrible and being terrible to Amell and Allo seeing it all. “Upload” has some pretty basic plotting.

Though, given that basic plotting, it’s surprising when the episode forgets to resolve the subplot about Edwards getting a sex suit so she and Amell can have some private time after his funeral. It’s not ghoulish, it’s hip.

But she thinks the suits are gross and didn’t get one but never tells Amell. Or never tells him in front of the cameras so it just seems like a plot hole.

The best thing in the episode is probably Elizabeth Bowen, as Amell’s cousin who’s investigating his death. She’s weird and funny about it, whereas the other weirdness goes without much comment.

I mean, the episode is all Edwards shrieking. There’s only so much it could ever do.

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