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Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2012) s02e11 – Dead Air

It’s a pure delight episode of “Miss Fisher’s,” outside the murders and murderer, obviously, with Essie Davis and company going to hang out at a radio station in the pre-Golden Age of Radio. The format has caught on—especially with Ashleigh Cummings, who is the one who gets Davis involved in the investigation because the victim was an old school chum—but the format isn’t stable. But because the newspapers are waging a war on the radio stations, including sabotage, arson, and maybe murder.

The show never gets into the conflict enough but if it’s based in reality… there’s definitely the potential for a good book or TV show or something. Sounds very interesting.

The newspaper-related intrigue in the episode involves newsstand vendor Travis Cotton and whatever racket he’s got going with obnoxious, suspicious, and quite funny in a terrible sort of way radio presenter, Rhys Muldoon. Muldoon’s one of the two prime suspects, along with mysteriously ill presenter Pip Edwards, who’s apparently been stealing victim Amy Arnott’s work. Marco Chiappi is Edwards’s husband and seems to be the guy who runs the radio station. At least he’s the one who panics the most when a show gets delayed because another body drops.

Besides the setting, which gives everyone something a little different to do—like Hugo Johnstone-Burt running the investigation on his own, with Nathan Page on special assignment but helping Davis out when he can. Page even tells Davis to keep an eye on Johnstone-Burt, who might not be up to the task of solving the crime on his own.

There’s also some trouble in paradise for Johnstone-Burt and Cummings’s (so far unannounced) engagement, as Johnstone-Burt makes it clear Cummings will become a homemaker upon the announcement. Not even the actual wedding, which Cummings doesn’t like and Davis doesn’t like and Page doesn’t even seem to like.

There’s a lovely postscript to it all, playing up the fun Davis and Page get to have throughout, and the showdown with the murderer is awesome.

Really good supporting performances all around this time; Edwards takes a while to get going but then she’s probably the best of the very good bunch.

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