What We Do in the Shadows (2019) s02e04 – The Curse

So, remember last time when I was worried about Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) and his subplot with the vampire hunters and then said I shouldn’t be worried about it because I should just trust in “Shadows”?

I was right, I shouldn’t be worried about it. This episode’s Guillén subplot has him now trying to infiltrate the vampire hunters to foil their plans but instead finds them ready to head out on their first hunt. Veronika Slowikowska has figured out the house where the vampires who turned her friend last season and they’ve got vagina-shaped topiaries and Guillén’s now got to warn his vampires about the impending threat.

Except the vampires are all busy with the Internet. The episode starts with Guillén setting Kayvan Novak with a laptop to check his email—Novak showing off his prized mail communications is absolutely adorable—except when Novak finds an old email forwarding chain letter cursing him unless he sends it on… well, it causes quite the panic in the house.

So you get Novak, Matt Berry, and Natasia Demetriou freaking out about how to beat this curse–with some questionable help from Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), who seems to understand there’s not an actual curse but also wants in on the email chain so he can make his coworkers miserable—while Guillén’s trying to sabotage the in-progress vampire hunt.

Lots and lots of good laughs, including some tangents like Proksch going on and on about Sandra Bullock movies. The stuff with the vampire hunters once they start their attack is great, as the show’s documentary camera captures more than the characters realize around them. Plus it’s just a really good people who don’t understand the Internet at all with the “What We Do in the Shadows” vampires; it writes itself. Actually, it doesn’t; Sarah Naftalis’s script is excellent. But the vampires and the Internet stuff is wonderful concept wonderfully realized.

The only disappointing part is the Demetriou’s doll. The doll’s only in it for an interview.

But I’m very sorry I doubted “What We Do in the Shadows”; they definitely know what they’re doing with Guillén.

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