Evil (2019) s01e03 – 3 Stars

If it never does anything else, “Evil” was probably worth it just for this John Glover performance. It’s John Glover as a brilliant theatre director who’s a tad eccentric and has gotten to be mean in addition to it. Dascha Polanco (from “Russian Doll”) is the one who brings them the case; she’s his Catholic assistant. “Evil” seems like its goal, as far as the religious stuff goes, is to somehow launder lapsed Catholics into atheism through the absurdity and awfulness of the Catholic Church. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

So about a third of the show is Glover turning it up to eleven in playing this asshole genius. He’s phenomenal. It’s not a good part, as it turns out, because it’s just a guest star part and “Evil”’s guest stars are just caricatures in the end… but he’s awesome. It’s nice to see him still able to let loose. Acting like John Glover for so many years apparently did not stop John Glover from acting like John Glover.

Otherwise… it’s got problems. Michael Emerson is way too evil—this time he’s trying to get a Black kid tried as an adult so he can be raped into sociopathy—and lead Katja Herbers (they love saying her character’s last name, Bouchard, way too much) even says, “Isn’t this a little much?” But then it turns out he’s not so smart, which means his big conspiracy to turn people into violent sociopaths to bring about the end of society is just like a little project. It’s weird. Also the writing on D.A. Danny Burstein is ludicrous. He’s an idiot, the way he falls for Emerson. Again, weird.

The show also is starting to reveal its hook on the debunking thing—this episode is about Echo and similar devices being used to manipulate the technologically uninformed boomer. Very obvious stuff. Very anti-tech.

Herbers’s daughters aren’t on the episode.

They aren’t missed.

Not even Christine Lahti is missed.

The Clark Johnson cameo doesn’t pay off either.

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