Judex (1916, Louis Feuillade), Epilogue

Judex’s epilogue further wraps things up for the cast. There’s some definite resolution for young René Poyen as far as his living situation, some humor with Marcel Lévesque, and some humility from Louis Leubas.

René Cresté and Yvette Andréyor get a romantic send-off, with Cresté finally able to wear something nicer than his Judex costume.

The rest of the cast has their moment too, but Feuillade focuses on Leubas–at least in terms of giving the actor material. More than anyone else, it’s his story. Though living a wealthy recluse in a pastoral setting might not be the punishment the serial initially suggested for him.

It’s a good finish for the serial. Though it’d have been nice for Poyen and Olinda Mano to get something to do; Poyen’s support for Lévesque while Mano just pops in to remind the one loser in Judex–Gaston Michel–how cute he can be.


Directed by Louis Feuillade; written by Arthur Bernède and Feuillade; directors of photography, André Glatti and Léon Klausse; production designer, Robert-Jules Garnier; released by Gaumont.

Starring René Cresté (Judex), Yvette Andréyor (Jacqueline Aubry), Musidora (Diana Monti), Louis Leubas (Favraux), Marcel Lévesque (Cocantin), Jean Devalde (Robert Moralés), Édouard Mathé (Roger de Tremeuse), Olinda Mano (Jean), René Poyen (The Licorice Kid), Gaston Michel (Pierre Kerjean), Lily Deligny (Miss Daisy Torp), Juliette Clarens (Gisèle), Georges Flateau (Vicomte de la Rochefontaine), and Yvonne Dario (Comtesse de Tremeuse).


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