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Redneck (2017) #11


Big reveal this issue of Redneck. It seems like it’s going to kick off a flashback issue, but it doesn’t. It just sets up the cliffhanger (for now); first it has a twist. Then the cliffhanger has a second reveal, which Cates has been hinting at for a while.

It seemed like it was going to be a flashback issue–this current story arc, with the Landrys apparently winning once and for all, is dragging. Cates uses Redneck’s deep backstory to enable some of that drag. But it turns out this issue is a different kind of time killer. The whole issue just works to enable the big reveal and subsequent twist.

Still, it’s pretty good stuff. Estherren’s art is great. Whether it’s talking heads, flashback, or action, Estherren’s able to make it all fit his style, all fit the Redneck tone. It’s not his fault Cates has been padding this story for at least two issues, maybe three.

It seems like next issue is really going to deliver the goods. Sure. Maybe. It’ll still be pretty good regardless, I’m sure.

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