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The Gravediggers Union (2017) #5

The Gravediggers Union (2017) #5

Gravediggers Union #5 is just as sturdy an entry as ever. Craig and Cypress have their story down; this issue the Union is investigating the Tom Cruise stand-in (a celebrity in a cult who may or may not bring about the end times). Only the reader knows he’s not going to bring about the end times because it’s Morgan who is the dark prophet.

This issue juxtaposes Morgan having a vision with the Union going into the celebrity guy’s mind to figure out what’s going on. This mind meld happens after the Union has to take out the guy’s army of zombies. Because why not.

Basically it’s just a bunch of awesome Cypress art, doing magic, fighting, dark gods, whatever.

Gravediggers is a hard book to describe. Yes, the art drives it, but Craig’s plotting and pacing gives Cypress the opportunities to excel. Quite good comics.

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