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Redneck (2017) #10


This issue of Redneck is mostly one of the vampire familiars in an FBI interrogation. Lots of flashbacks to how he met the family and became a familiar. And why he stayed with them.

Otherwise, there’s not much to the issue. Cates takes the action back to the family for the last few pages, to set up the cliffhanger, but it’s filler. It’s good enough filler–Estherren’s art is awesome, particularly in the flashbacks. They’re to Vietnam, they’re to sixties and seventies small town United States. It gives Estherren a new setting; he excels.

The flashback also makes the character–the familiar–more likable. Younger he seems like less background. In the present day stuff, the FBI agent gets far more to do.

Redneck’s a sturdy book. Even when it has filler issues. Cates imaginatively spins his wheels while Estherren visualizes these fast, distinct scenes.

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  1. V Wiley

    While I’m not a Donny Cates watcher, I have to say Redneck is the best and most consistent of his modern day “masterpieces”. Even as he
    lays out this multi story one off in the style of Brubaker, he makes it look easy, and sucks you right in. Estheren continues to be his Sean Phillips, depicting whatever Donny has thrown at him today. Wild and wooly, this is how I like to read my funnybooks.

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