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War Stories #26 (January 2018)

War Stories #26War Stories #26 is the last issue. Ennis and Aira go out strong. Most of the issue is a dramatic action sequence. Ennis has to keep it interesting, Aira has to keep it moving. Both succeed. Thanks to the omnipresent narration, Ennis is able to lay groundwork for the finale. Even though there’s still one last reveal.

Or maybe not last reveal but first. This story, “Flower of My Heart,” is some of Ennis’s most saccharine, but most humanistic work. The character study of the protagonist as he watches this foreign country change around him–as Italy goes from being fascist to Allied occupied–and how war changes or doesn’t change him.

Because protagonist Robin is a warmonger. Only he’s not. He’s forever scarred with what he’s seen, but he’s still naive. He only can exist for the one thing. Or can he?

It’s an excellent finish. War Stories has had its ups and downs, but Ennis really brought it together for the last two stories. And, while Aira is rushed with the talking heads here, he’s got the emotions of the characters down. Their faces, rough or not, intensely convey their feelings.

I’m going to miss this comic. Well, War Stories but not so much #26; I resent Ennis when he makes me cry because I know he knows he’s doing it.


The Flower of My Heart, Part Four; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Tomas Aira; colorist, Digikore Studios; letterer, Kurt Hathaway; publisher, Avatar Press.

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  1. Tomás

    Hi! I wanted to take a minute to write up to you guys, who have been a steady companionship during my whole run on War Stories. I don’t know why but this excellent comic did not get the attention I think it deserves, and so I found you guys googling myself! Not only did I appreciate the love you put into reviewing each issue, but I took the critiques you did into the drawing board each time. I grew up a lot during these years and you help me focus into which things I had to pay attention to, it’s a silly thing to say but it’s true, even my own friends did not read it! I humbly invite you look for me on facebook to see some War Stories art in black & white.
    I’m totally gonna miss War Stories, and I will also miss your critiques, though I will be still reading the site and listening to the podcast and following the recomendations you give, and I hope you review my next comic, whichever it may be!
    Sincere love from Argentina,

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