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Redneck (2017) #9


It’s kind of a bridging issue for Redneck. The bad guy–renegade vampire–has his Bond villain moment and blabs to Bartlett. Bartlett’s tied up, but it’s not going to last. Perry’s out of commission this issue, presumably for a return next.

Oh, there’s some stuff with the bad vampire family fighting cops and whatnot, but it’s basically a bridging issue. The payoff is next issue, the cliffhanger was last issue. Everything in this issue is connective… filler.

Nice art from Estherren. A couple good moments in scenes from Cates, but, again, it’s got a circular, closed narrative.

Something about Redneck just can’t support these bridging issues. The series goes one issue too long on arcs. Cates needs structure.

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