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Bonehead (2017) #1

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The Rhoald Marcellius art aside, I’m not sure there’s enough to Bonehead to stay conscious, much less engaged between issues.

It is the future. Drones patrol the city. Boneheads are parkour-gangs, because in the future, every male under the age of thirty will have amazing coordination. The lead of Bonehead is “56.” He doesn’t have a name, he doesn’t speak, he just is “56.” He’s out to find a drone. Because it’s worth the stunt. I had to go back twice to see if there was any motivation. Maybe there was some more.

Bryan Hill’s expository dialogue fills the book and it’s exhausting. He makes you not want to read the comic–given the illustrative quality of the Marcellius art, Image (or Top Cow–Bonehead is actually a Top Cow book) should have put it out without word balloons. Then it might be a successful.

But they didn’t; instead, Bonehead is full of boring words and good art. But the art–and the content–isn’t enough to get me back. The non-talking protagonist is just annoying.

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