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Redneck (2017) #8


It’s a perfectly good issue of Redneck. It reads a little fast, but it’s a perfectly good comic.

But, damn, do I not like the cliffhanger. Vampires or not, Cates finds a way to put the likable cast members–all two of them–in danger. That danger isn’t the problem. It’s the balls Cates has going in the air. There’s the hard cliffhanger, but then there’s also a soft one with one of the supporting cast. It might make a big difference, it might not. Cates just doesn’t make the plotting click with the pacing. He cliffhangs when the reader is most engaged, but never for the reader (or the comic’s benefit).

Great art this issue. Estherren gets to do a lot of movement, so there are a bunch of great panels. He doesn’t try for so much detail in his action panels, making them a lot more visceral. He goes for mood.

Redneck’s a good comic. It’s just darn annoying having to wait for the next issue.

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