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Retcon (2017) #4


Retcon finishes with a not terrible final issue. Toby Cypress’s art is good. Nixon gets in a lot of content–too much for Cypress to keep up with at times–and it’s fine content.

The story itself is weak.

While the one guy is hovering over the Pentagon preparing to attack an intergalactic monster who has taken over the building, the mean cop is deciding whether he wants to be sacrificed to save the world. He’s got the witch and her sidekick, who probably should’ve had more to do in the book because they’re less obnoxious than the lead.

It’d have been nice if Retcon could’ve finished better. Nixon’s rushed, like he’s collapsing a longer story to four issues, but there are some decent moments and there’s awesome art. All together the series doesn’t amount to much. Except awesome art.

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