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Brenda Starr, Reporter (1945) ch06 – Man Hunt

Man Hunt is exasperating. All of it. Copper Kane Richmond, who didn’t have the most fantastic part of the previous chapter’s cliffhanger, gets all the resolution. When the story gets back to Joan Woodbury, her initial shock has worn off and she’s just trying to get Wheeler Oakman to leave her alone. Oakman’s holding Woodbury and cousin Lottie Harrison captive, but he’s not too violent a guy. He just wants the information Woodbury has and it belongs to him after all.

Only he’s not too bright and lets Woodbury get a message along to Syd Saylor. Now, most of Brenda Starr to this point has established Saylor himself isn’t too bright, yet Saylor is able to save the day.

Just long enough for Woodbury to regroup and get kidnapped again.

There’s some more with Richmond, who’s getting to be even more of a yawn and he was an abject bore from chapter one, and villain George Meeker. There are hints the “Big Boss”–the one who only communicates over the radio–might have some secrets he doesn’t want his underlings to know about.

Sounds like a good story for Woodbury; too bad she’s just playing hostage, traded between various elements.

In addition to Saylor getting a moment, which works out (even if it’s Saylor the hero, not Saylor the goof), but William ‘Billy’ Benedict also gets a bit and he’s just too much.

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