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Kill the Minotaur (2017) #6


Kill the Minotaur does not finish well. It finishes with a Predator “homage,” a lengthy, rushed fight sequence, and a twist at the finale.

The worst part about the issue is how long writers Pasetto and Cantamessa take. Most of the issue is just Theseus and Ariadne fighting the creature. Artist Ketner loses track of them, which is the first time in the series Ketner’s art didn’t save the day. The script’s just too erratic for art to help it.

It’s a bad finish for the series, which didn’t need anything outrageous to end well enough. Ketner had been keeping the series afloat until this point. All they needed to do was make it to the finish. And they don’t. Pasetto and Cantamessa flop big time.

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