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Retcon (2017) #2


Cypress’s art almost makes Retcon worth it. Almost. I’m not entirely sure if I’m done or not, but if I come back, it’s going to be for Cypress. Without him, it’s just this jumbled narrative with the guy from the last issue in trouble with NYPD–they’re going to kill him (they think he’s a terrorist) for 9/11 payback. Except they can’t kill him at the station so they dress him up like an infectious hazard and take him somewhere else?

I think it’s supposed to be dramatic, but since Nixon does so little work on the characters, it’s hard to get invested. The dialogue’s all functional, the characters are all thin; is the protagonist really in danger or is it just Nixon spinning wheels.

It’s spinning wheels. All of it. All of this issue is setup for the next issue (and maybe issues beyond that one). It’s not a bridging issue, it’s an epilogue to the previous issue. One without anything happening.

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