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The Flintstones (2016) #3

The Flintstones  3

Wow. It’s beautiful and all, but, wow, what a downer. I mean, the whole thing is just depressing from page three, especially since Pebbles understands The Flintstones exists in a world without any value whatsoever on human life. It’s not hard to see what kind of commentary Russell is making about our modern world, gorgeous Steve Pugh art or not.

Space aliens visit Bedrock and basically destroy the place with their technology. It’s strange for a third issue because the main cast–even though they have important things to do–don’t have much to do as the main cast. Russell’s not building character relationships, he’s not developing anything. If Betty even shows up, she doesn’t have much in the way of lines. Certainly none memorable. Even Fred’s part in the story is only memorable because of how tragic it gets.

It’s kind of a heavy book. Gorgeous, but heavy. It might be too cynical, in fact. Russell’s writing is fine–I suppose the story’s a little light (it’s basically snippets of disaster)–but it’s fine. It’s just so fatalistic I don’t know why I want to read it. There’s better social commentary out there–the Fox News joke is the most obvious and the weakest–and I’m always onboard for Pugh….

But, come on, give the reader a single smile, right? PTSD group sessions don’t lead to smiles, neither does mass murder.

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  1. V Wiley

    Well, I’m very sorry you’re affected by the near deaths of fictional Hanna Barbera characters.. Isn’t that kind of the regular theme of this line of books? Shit, they’re ALL threatened by death. That’s the schtick nowadays, to recreate the success of post apocalyptic, zombie ridden end of days paranoia? While I’m DEEPLY endeared to this version of the Flintstones (PLEASE don’t ask about my rants to customers, I will quickly lose this arguement), I’m no closer to beliving their deaths will occur any more than I am hoping for a decent sequel-ha! So let’s just leave this at the Mad magazine level of acceptance and enjoy the ride! As they say, Have a gay ole time!

  2. V Wiley

    Oh, and before I forget, the role of Gazoo as game keeper is effin hilarious!

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