Johnny Red (2015) #7

Johnny Red  7

It’s an action issue and not much of one. Lots of exposition, lots of scenes, lots of flying and getting nowhere. Ennis doesn’t lose the series’s momentum, but it’s the first Johnny Red in a while to not leave me stunned. The achievement is probably not losing their momentum.

Because there’s nothing to this comic. It’s a bunch of plot stirring, a bunch of poking the bear. Ennis teases the reader over and over again. It’s gently manipulative but in obvious enough ways one can just look past it. Ennis has to get through the issue, he has to move the characters to certain places, position the story a certain way. He drags it out.

The worse part is how much Burns’s art suffers with the pacing problems. He’s got a lot of pages to fill with action and the occasional air battle suspense, but he doesn’t have much in the way of a story.

I’m hoping Ennis lands this one all right. I’m sure it’ll be at least “all right.” I’m not sure it’s going to go down as his essential World War II story though, something I was previously hopeful about.

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