Johnny Red (2015) #4

Johnny Red  4

It’s a bridging issue of Johnny Red, which is sort of fine, sort of not. Ennis concentrates on writing really good scenes–he has them for his leads, he even has one leading up to the cliffhanger (so a good setup scene with some German pilots)–but he lets the plot get very, very loose.

Ennis doesn’t even spend any time on his framing narrative. There’s a page with the modern-day storyteller explaining the found plane isn’t interesting, but what Johnny does next in the flashback. Presumably next issue because nothing’s interesting here. It’s engaging because Ennis knows how to write the comic, but it’s not interesting. It’s a distracting transition, actually, with Ennis apparently using the present-day frame to setup whatever’s next in the flashback. Then he doesn’t deliver anything major.

Instead, good scenes, nice character moments, not much excitement. It’s texture, but it’s also just a bridging issue. Johnny Red, which I think runs six issues, could have run five.

Some nice art from Burns, who has a great sense of movement for the planes in the air, though he gets bored drawing the talking heads parts.

It’s a perfectly solid bridging issue.

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