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The Humans (2014) #3

The Humans  3

Now this issue is really good. Keller and Neely are both on fire. Keller gives Neely a bunch to do–exploring the world of the Humans but also doing Johnny’s story in Vietnam. Keller’s dialogue is a lot better this issue once he’s just doing the story of the guy in his unit. There’s no politics in The Humans–so far, anyway–which makes the Vietnam story very different. It fits in a certain genre, but it’s detached from it.

There are multiple action set pieces, each with a different narrative pacing so Neely has to do something for each one. He does. The issue’s really good all around. The present-day stuff with the Humans as a biker gang is good, Johnny’s stuff in the present is good. Keller gives Neely a lot of art opportunities, past or present, and Neely runs with them all.

The Humans is just getting better and better. It’s a complex, smart, fun book.

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  1. V Wiley

    This book was ever a surprise. It’s look, feel, coloring all radiate the spontaneous and expressionistic, but after you read it, it’s obvious the creators here have a higher set of expectaions for their comic. It touches a lot of bases in it’s sprint, but doesn’t hit you over the head with heavy handedness in doing so. A great ride, and more complex than it’s surface reveals.

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