The Comics Fondle Podcast – 1×27

I'm stunned to discover Vernon and I managed to get TWO episodes out in one month. We certainly thought we were behind, which got us to hunker down and talk about some rather good comics. These are the books we talk about. Providence 3 Auteur 3 Minimum Wage 4 Dark Corridor 1 This Damned Band 1 The Fiction 3 Airboy 3 The Spire 2 Kaijumax 5 Hip Hop Family Tree 1 8house Arclight The Island 2 Beauty 1 Letter 44 19 Lazarus 18 Rebels 5 Velvet 11 Sons Of Anarchy 23 Copperhead 9 Casanova 3 Cluster 5 Injection 4 Eltingville Club 2 Then we talk about some problems with indie books before wrapping up with a discussion of the best comic book writers working today.


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