War Stories (2014) #10


Ennis is off to a great start with the latest War Stories arc. It’s about a squad of Irish volunteers in World War II (I wasn’t actually sure if it was WWI or WWII; the Irish’s uniforms are quaint compared to the British and German ones).

The squad is, save one exception, all Southern. The politics of Ireland and Irish independence figure in, but alongside the war story. Ennis works out a beautiful balance to it, bubbling the resentments under the surface, only letting them pop at the best moments.

Most of the issue is talking heads. Yes, talking heads in a war zone, but it’s just this squad talking back and forth. Thanks to the uniforms, there are a couple soldiers Aria draws basically the same, but he’s definitely working on the expressions and the facial features.

The quiet finish reveals Ennis’s not insignificant ambitions for the story arc.

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