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Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions (2015) #3

Minimum Wage So Many Bad Decisions  3

It’s another awesome issue. So Many Bad Decisions is just a bunch of great ones from Fingerman.

This issue has Rob going through some problems with his new girlfriend. Fingerman follows his familiar plotting–Rob and the girl, Rob and his friends, Rob and the main plot (in this issue it’s “guest star” comedian Marc Maron), Rob and his character development.

Fingerman follows that pattern over and over and is still able to make Wage seem fresh every month. Maybe it’s because of the problems in Rob’s love life (or just the women he meets), but it’s also how the comic acknowledges itself. How it acknowledges the New York setting and the amount of time spent in the city. Fingerman’s panels are full of information, often valueless, always intriguing.

This issue has something of a good conclusion but I’m really hoping Decisions has at least one more issue to it.

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  1. V Wiley

    I think this goes to six like the last one

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