Letter 44 16 (May 2015)

Letter 44 #16I really hope the Builders didn’t build the Chandelier to zap a huge asteroid about to hit Earth, saving us from extinction when all we could do was imagine we needed to war against these benevolent visitors.

Because it would be really lazy writing from Soule and this issue of Letter 44 isn’t lazy. The art’s still got problems and Soule’s soft cliffhanger is goofy, but everything else is rather solid. It’s just hard to adjust to it, because–after jumping forward in time last issues–Soule sort of waited until this issue to continue the story he started the series with.

He’s got a fun scene for the President and a truly awesome one for the first lady. Alburquerque really drops the ball on the latter.

It’s not a perfect issue. It’s rushed, both in terms of the narrative and the art. The cliffhanger. But it’s often quite good.


Writer, Charles Soule; artist, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque; colorist, Dan Jackson; letterer, Crank!; editor, Robin Herrera; publisher, Oni Press.

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