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Crossed + One Hundred 5 (May 2015)

Crossed Plus One Hundred #5After so many calm issues, Moore gets around to showing a little of + One Hundred’s plan and it’s a doozy. But the way he shows it is so fantastic.

Moore has lulled the reader into expecting the calm while still imagining some sensible, if horrific, explanation. He gradually reveals the truth here, as Future reads some diaries she finds and everything starts to make sense. While Moore didn’t give the reader enough information to guess it, his style for the book also lulled the reader into not thinking about guessing.

Instead, he spent the entire time making the reader care about the characters. And now, through a masterfully executed reveal, they’re all in trouble. Only Future’s just as calm as always. Why? Because she grew up in + One Hundred and it’s the reader who’s anxious. That aspect, the calm of the damned, is one of Moore’s great moves here.


Tyger, Tyger; writer, Alan Moore; artist, Gabriel Andrade; colorist, Digikore Studios; letterer, Jaymes Reed; publisher, Avatar Press.

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  1. I re-read Future’s initial encounters with Crossed illbillies from the first couple issues, to find they exclaim “Bosol” (Beau-Salt) and more eerily, one of them does so as she makes a cross with her fingers. Plus, the kid named “Jokemercy”? Joke mercy is a psychological ploy that only seems possible when the Crossed have been around long enough to get smart. Creepy, awesome.

    The series had toyed with the idea of smart Crossed before, I haven’t read every issue but remember a couple short storylines where one develops some kind of self-restraint. Really cool to see Moore give that idea a logical progression. Too bad the next issue is his last, but apparently Simon Spurrier will continue the adventures of Future and whomever else survives issue six.

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